We represent Small Business Owners before the SBA and U.S. Treasury in all 50 states. SBA Loan Default Attorneys.

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The Perliski Law Group is dedicated to helping small business owners nationwide survive the closure of their business and the resulting financial damage caused by an SBA loan default. Our SBA Loan default attorneys have been licensed over 25 years. During your free initial consultation, we will explain how the SBA collection process works and outline the SBA debt relief and SBA loan forgiveness options that may be available to you.

SBA Loan Workouts

Many lenders will work with qualified borrowers to modify their SBA loan. Modifications can include: interest reduction, deferred payment, extended maturity and lowered payments.

Treasury Debt Defense

Has your SBA loan been referred to the U.S. Treasury for enforced collection through wage garnishment or tax refund intercept?

Offer in Compromise

The SBA Offer in Compromise program may allow you to settle the balance owed on your defaulted SBA loan for a fraction of what you owe.

Discharge SBA Loans

SBA loans are not protected in bankruptcy. Review your loan with our experienced bankruptcy attorneys if other options are unavailable.